The Family.

We love what we do! 
Every family member has his own task –
so we bundle our passion to make wine
with a lot of competence and heart. 

Gertrud and Kurt Erbeldinger founded the winery,
which has originally been an agricultural farm with
corn and fruits like apples, peaches and grapes.
They decided to focus on producing wine. 

Since the 70s the winery is getting national and
international awards for the wines.
Kurt Erbeldinger died in 2001 and his son Stefan
with his wife Edith optimized the winery further step by step. 

In the meanwhile also the third generation is active in the winery.
Christoph is the junior-winemaker and brings a lot of new knowledge
and ideas in the winery.
He is supported by his wife Gundi who cooks for the guests in the winery. Christophs sister Gudrun cares for PR and sales – so everyone makes its contribution to your wine-enjoyment.


The Winery and wines.

Our Rheinhessen family winery produces wine for over 60 years successfully. As nature-loving winery we cultivate our vineyards
according to ecological guidelines.
All our vines grow on Loess-Clay soils in the best locations of Bechtheim and Gundheim in southern Rheinhessen.
Rheinhessen is not only the biggest German wine-growing region,
but also the most dynamic one with a large number of young
winemakers that combine tradition with modernity.

A big range of varieties and an exceptional number of
award-winning wines distinguish our winery.
Our particular interest is to grow the regional grape varieties
that only are located here and offer the great fullness of flavor
with a moderate alcohol content.

Our focus falls on the white grape varieties such as
Riesling, Pinot Blanc and some more.
Riesling with its gracile shape, Pinot Blanc with its rich creaminess,
Chardonnay with its fine finesse, Gewurztraminer with a full flavored aroma.
The Huxelrebe and Scheurebe are very special regional varieties – we grow these with our full heart and soul. 
The reds are mainly local grapes and style - Pinot Noir ( from fruity to full-bodied velvety ) and Portugieser with its peppery note.
We offer a wide variety from our basic wines over the village wines and vineyardpremium- wines named “privat”.
The highlight of our range is the >>GLANZSTÜCK<<.

If you do something with passion, the result is usually more than good.
We are ranked on the 7th place of the German Wine Competition DLG within the top 100 German wineries. 

To contact us how to get our wines in your country, you can direct your request to: Gudrun or our international partners:
- Poland: Citywine
- Netherlands: Anfors-Imperial
- Switzerland: Wyhuus am Rhy and Remimag
- Czech Republic: NéVinnéLány
- United States: Vinobliss
- China: Mr. Zhiyuan Fu